Ideal for
 Trace heating 
 Heater current monitoring and load diagnostics
 Timer functions
 8-segment programmer
 MODBUS communications
 Setpoint programmer
 DC control or retrans.
Dimensions (mm)
3216: 48W x 48H x 90D
3208: 48W x 96H x 90D
3204: 96W x 96H x 90D
Control modes
Supply voltage
100-240Vac, or 24Vac or dc -15% +20%. 6 watts max
Operating ambient
0-55°C, 5-85%RH
Refer to the order code
Output ratings
Relay: 2A, 264Vac resistive
Logic: 40mA, 12Vdc (non-isolated from PV)
DC: 0-20mA into 500Ω max. (non-isolated from PV)
Panel sealing
IP66, NEMA4 Plug-in from front
Current transformer input
50mA ac

Available in three standard DIN sizes the innovative 3200 controllers provide precise temperature control with a host of options. The front panel ‘ammeter’ on the 1/8 and 1/4 DIN sizes displays the heater current or the output power demand.

The emphasis is simplicity. A simple ‘Quick Start’ code is used to configureall of the functions essential to controlling your process. This includes the input sensor type, temperature range, heating and cooling outputs, and alarms.

In operation every parameter is accompanied by a scrolling text message describing its function. This is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. Custom event and alarm messages can be downloaded from a PC.

Heater current Monitoring and diagnostics

The current transformer input provides display of the heater current and a health check on the load. Partial load failure, heater open circuit and SSR (Solid State Relay) short circuit are detected and displayed as scrolling alarm messages.


The internal timer is configurable as an interval timer, delay timer or to provide ‘soft start’ for hot runner control.

Setpoint programmer

Heat treatment profiles can be programmed using the 8-segment programmer. Holdback at the beginning of each dwell segment can be used to guarantee the soak periods. Master digital communications provides an economical method of transmitting the programmed setpoint to any number of slave controllers.


38 parameter values can be captured and stored in 5 different recipes each with a customer defined name. Applications include storing multiple configurations and holding multiple ramp-dwell programs.

Configuration wizard

A PC based configuration wizard is available. It provides an easy to use, instructive guide to all the functions in the controller.

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