Electronic Soft Starters

Soft starting and soft stopping of three-phase induction motors at powers up to 800 KW

Fans and compressors
Conveyor belts
Grinding machines saws
Fast and Heavy-duty conveyor systems
Drives using pole-change motors
Machines with gearbox, belt or chain drives
An external brinding contactor can be used to reduce losses
Shutdown on detection of phase failure during ramp up

Can be combined with electronic d.c. injection brake (refer to technical manual LEKTROMIK B4

OPTION LS-I1 provides for : Current limit during ramp-up with switch-on pulse, monitoring of power with overload trip (stall protection) power factor improvement at low load special circuit to damp drive oscillation (e.g. with pumps) energy saving circuit for lightly loaded drives

OPTION LS-I2 provides for : Current limit during ramp-up start monitoring, optimised operation with pumps

OPTION  LS-N provides for : Closed-loop speed control for load-independent starting, operation for pumps

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